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Laser Hair Removal Services:

Provided by Licensed Laser Professionals


Laser Hair Removal

At Identity Aesthetics, we help clients reduce the hair growth in selected areas of their faces and bodies using LHR (laser hair removal). This method of eliminating hair is safe and painless, and it’s the perfect solution to getting rid of unwelcome patches of hair. Imagine not worrying anymore about maintaining smooth face, legs and arms. Our Laser Professionals have years of experience and have performed 1000's of laser hair removal procedures and helped  thousands achieve the smooth, hairless look they desire without razors, clippers, or chemicals 


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Menu / Price List


Extra Small Area

Chin, upper lip, sideburns, fingers, toes, or areola

Per Treatment 110

*Package of 6



Small Area

Underarms, back-of-neck, bikini line, buttocks line, face, neck, happy trail, hands, feet, upper shoulders, inner thighs, front of neck, or abdomen

Per Treatment 149

*Package of 6



Medium Area

Men's full shoulders, Buttocks, lower legs, upper legs, abdomen, chest, upper arms, lower arms, Brazilian, or upper back

Per Treatment 175

*Package of 6



Large Area

Entire back, entire legs with feet, or entire arms with hands

Per Treatment 300

*Package of 6



Swim Package

Legs, Brazilian and under arms

Per Treatment 349

*Package of 6



Upper Body

All body parts from the belly button up

Per Treatment 399

*Package of 6



Lower Body

All body parts from the belly button down

Per Treatment 399

*Package of 6



Full Body

All body parts from the belly button up and down

Per Treatment 850

*Package of 6


*All Clients who purchase Laser Hair Removal Packages become members of our discounted Laser Hair Removal Maintenance Program!

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