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Low Testosterone Treatment

Testosterone: What is it?

Testosterone is the hormone that helps develop the secondary sexual characters and sex organs of the male. It is made in the testicles. Testosterone is crucial for:
   •    Sexual function
   •    Muscle Mass
   •    Bone density
   •    RBCs
   •    Reproductive functions

With age, the levels of testosterone also go down. This decrease can cause some normal body functions.

Signs and Symptoms of Low Testosterone on the body:

Truly Exceptional Results

The following factors can identify lower levels of testosterone:
   •    A significant drop in physical activity. Testosterone offers energy to perform mental and physical activity. The reduction in the levels can lead to a reduction in the activities.
   •    Muscular Atrophy- muscle growth is directly associated with the levels of testosterone. The reduction in testosterone levels can cause muscular atrophy.
   •    Lack of desire for sex and decreased libido. 
   •    Oppressed mood, weak emotional reaction and state of depression. 
   •    Erectile dysfunction
   •    Reduced stamina and energy

It is essential to identify the signs and symptoms of low testosterone levels and act promptly to avoid worsening the situation.

Treatment Options for Low Testosterone Levels:

The treatment options to improve the low T levels can be achieved in two ways:

1. Administration from outside

2. Grow it organically in the body

Administration from an outside source:

Pellets: Using Pellets is another way to ensure the sustained release of testosterone hormone in the bloodstream. In this therapy, testosterone pellets are inserted under the skin, causing no pain or discomfort to the patient. These Pellets ensure a sustained release of T hormone for several months with no need for any cream injections. 

Supplements: One of the most convenient ways to improve the levels of T hormone is food supplements. 


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