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Bioidentical Hormone Therapy


For Men & Women

It is a Science and an Art.
-No two people are the exact same.
A masterful, complete, individually designed program to help you turn back the hands of time to feel better, look better and be better.

What are Bioidentical Hormone Pellets?

The pellets are plant-based estrogen and testosterone which match your body's hormones exactly. The dose is precisely made for you to replace what you need to feel great again. The pellets are implanted on the posterior hip with a quick and painless procedure. A capillary bed builds around the pellets and the hormones are infused directly into the bloodstream, helping to alleviate your symptoms quickly. The pellets usually last 4-5 months depending on your heart rate exercise and stress level.

If you’re interested in this service contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced team members.

Please be advised that our consult fee for this program is $99. You will encounter a comprehensive medical consultation so that we can determine a positive and results-driven treatment just for YOU.


Providing industry-leading, revolutionary beauty treatments with the latest technology,

Identity Aesthetic Center

5452 Tx-105 W, Conroe Tx

and 1383 Bunker Hill, Houston Tx 77055, will exceed your expectations. Once our team determines which service is right for you, the treatment is completely personalized to fit your unique needs and ensure the best possible results.

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Hormone Regulation - Women

As one of our most popular programs, this therapy has helped countless clients feel more confident and happier in their own skin.

A few benefits of Bioidentical Hormone Pellets:

relief from hot flashes

more stable mood

better sleep

increased energy level

better sex drive

mental clarity

ability to manage weight

increase bone density

better heart health

improve relationships! 

Why live another day without feeling and Performing your best?

Our team works closely with each client to understand exactly what they’re looking for and ensure they get exactly those results. For more information on this service or any of the other services, get in touch with us.

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Hormone Replenishment - Men

Why should I replace my hormones?

Men's testosterone drops 1-3 % per year after age 35. Symptoms for men or similar to women, but also include erectile dysfunction, lack of motivation, and ability to maintain muscle mass. Men can enjoy the same benefits as women when on hormone replacement therapy. These and many other symptoms can be alleviated with Bioidentical Hormone Therapy.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started TODAY!

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Back to Life for EVERYONE

This service is known for providing remarkable results, no matter the condition before the treatment takes place. Clients can rest assured that our beautiful, clean and private facilities will ensure their highest level of comfort. To learn more about how this service can be personalized for your unique needs, feel free to reach out today.

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