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Best Treatment for Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are naturally occurring marks that appear after pregnancy or a change of weight. Usually, the stretch marks disappear with the passing time but it impacts people with self-consciousness about the way they look and deter confidence leading to negative quality of life. Identity Aesthetics can help you get over these stretch marks with the help of state-of-the-art technology. BE ADVISED, the relief of stretch marks and therapy procedure is a dedicated journey. Although you'll see results after the first treatment, you WILL need to commit to several treatments across a period of months to maximize results.


Reasons for Stretch Marks:

The normal reason for the stretch marks is the shrinkage or stretch of the skin. The sudden change in the skin can rupture the compounds like elastin and collagen. The stretch marks are usual during or after pregnancy, weight gain, weight loss, during puberty, and bodybuilding.

The color of the stretch marks depends on the shade of the skin. The stretch marks can cause itching at first and turn out to be slightly divot across the marks. The stretch marks are hard to disappear completely though Identity Aesthetics can prove out to be the best treatment for stretch marks, with the removal of the stretch marks.

With as high as 100 million people developing scars every year, it is hard to have the best scar treatment Houston. As a need to rebuild confidence, identity aesthetics offers state-of-the-art facilities to help and reach out to several people. 

This is a fact that scars impact psychology in a way that the person feels over-conscious, with a negative impact on the quality of life. Identity aesthetics can help you restore your looks and appearance. 

Scar revision can help you remove minor scarring. Even the deep scars can have a drastic change in the visibility by the treatment. Identity aesthetics can assess the scars and ensure you get the optimal results. 


What can Laser Therapy do for Stretch Marks removal?

The laser is considered the best treatment for stretch marks. The laser treatment help to regenerate the outer skin and thus it helps to fade away the stretch marks. 

This process may require a series of sessions to have significant removal of the stretch marks from the skin. The treatment works best on the newly developed stretch marks and the older and severe stretch marks need additional sessions to show significant results. 

Though it takes multiple sessions to attain the goal (realistic ones) as mentioned by the professionals. Each session brings some changes but the professional team at Identity Aesthetics gives you the best scar treatment Houston to restore the confidence and look. 

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What to expect from this treatment option?

The treatment lasts for 30-90 minutes, depending upon the severity of the marks. The procedure will cause some unease but we use a medical numbing cream to ease the discomfort of the procedure. 

Redness is among the most common side effect associated with the Profractional treatment. Swelling in the treated area is another most common side effect to experience. 


How to get the optimum results of this therapy?

It is crucial to attend the follow-up sessions, regularly. The sudden change is not possible but to get the best results, one needs to follow the post-treatment instructions religiously. It usually takes some sessions to fetch you desirable results with smoother skin. 

It is important to go through the instructions list and follow the same to keep the skin as healthy as assured, post-treatment. It is also important to avoid skin exposure to the sun and apply the moisturizer to the treated area. It is crucial to apply the advised and prescribed list of moisturizers to the treated area to ensure the best results. 

In case you are looking forward to getting the best treatment for stretch marks, connect with Identity Aesthetics. As one of the most predominant names to offer the best treatment for stretch marks in Houston & Conroe area, we can ensure you the best results and optimum care to ensure smooth and vibrant skin. 

Call Identity Aesthetics to take the first step towards smoother and healthy skin because we offer you the best treatment for stretch marks in Houston & Conroe. 

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